With +40 years in the mass-media, +30 in universities & education, +15 in business and sales, + 10 in coaching, all of a life in search of growth and full happiness, we feel well prepared to partner you in fruitful way, even if… OUR BEST IS ALWAYS STILL  TO COME!


Different backgrounds, visions, experiences …combined to give the best for our partners’ success.

BERNARDO SR. :  Works normally for international firms, universities, and media, having studied physics, communication, design, coaching, and relative areas until now (always ‘in progress’).  Loves audiovisual art, rugby, and astronomy.

BERNARDO JR. :  Works normally for newspapers, radio, and other media, having studied journalism, and political sciences.  Loves classical music, basketball, good cinema and comics.

AGOSTINA:  Works normally in communication and education, having studied bachelor in arts, nursing, and dental care.  Loves animals (being so talented to interact with them), odontology, and new technologies.

XTINA:  Works now full time to cover every aspect of our project (and involved persons) in order to go on in healthy way, having studied bachelor in sciences, philosophy, and cooking.  Loves the art of cooking, good cinema, and animals.



We grew up until now thanks to the positive collaboration with several institutions and firms from everywhere, like i.e. European University, Sellbytel Group, Universidad Nac. del Litoral, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Human Touch, Solo Advertising, WittyWorld Publications, and many more that  YOU COULD JOIN!


Neurosciences have demonstrated how dependent on productive social linking is our overall success in life, and at work.   Hereby, some comments from people having said theirs about us:



We’re pleased to share our activity with all of you.  Our successes, our deceptions, our human and professional daily reality in this fantastic thing that life is.  Whatever we do, be sure that is always aiming towards a constructive way of existence.  WE ARE THIS: WELCOME!





The devastating ‘Gloria’ storm was whipping much of southern Europe in this early part of the year…

…and Bernardo Sr. was gladly saying ‘bye-bye’ to it during its last day of harmful activity in the Mediterranean area.

Unrecognizable beaches on the coast and a giant graveyard of broken umbrellas in populated areas will make it difficult to forget this storm.

Our planet seems to want to remind us about the force of nature being greater than the human inability to treat it well.   Let’s reflect!

‘Til the Next one…

B (Sr)



A 20’s TEMPLE FOR 2020!


We thought it made sense: the famous and emblematic ‘Palace Hotel’ in Barcelone, considered an icon of the 20’s (still magnificently stylized this way) to receive 2020 😊

Xtina and Bernardo Sr were living there a marvelous experience, enjoying ‘L’Éclair’ Restaurant delicatessen in a dinner paired with superior quality wine and attended by a so professional, warm staff.

Words apart for a young pianist of enormous talent that was mixing Maurice Ravel, Elton John or Astor Piazzola in such harmonic way that we barely distinguished the beginnings and the ends: it was permanent pleasure floating around celestial music accompanying celestial menus …almost heaven 😊

We remembered all of our beloved ones, our friends, colleagues, clients, accountants, humans that share existence with us and to whom we Wish Only the very Best.  Happy 2020!!!

Xtina & Bernardo Sr




Both Xtina & Bernardo Sr. were accomplishing with last year’s wish about repeating anniversary celebration, now multiplied by 3!

01. Emblematic ‘Hispania’ Restaurant in Caldes d’Estrac was an unforgetable night in a luxury environment with original plates.  02. Renewed ‘Portinyol’ in Arenys de Mar was the opportunity to enjoy a marvelous landscape of sea + beach + moon together with delicatessen recommended by the Chef, and  03. ‘Nuus-Athenea’ in Mataró proved ideal as a closure night with tasty food + marvelous wines perfectly paired.  What else can we wish?…

…more & more celebrations like these ones in the coming years!!! 😊

‘Til the next one,

B (Sr)



Knowledge Development can arrive to be Fascinating, like any adventure from the most famous comic, or animation characters!

At bf© the Research side of our activity keeps playing the most relevant role, as it grants advancement and renewal, always necessary to keep ourselves in good shape in order to boost growth to our friends and partners in the academic, scientific and business scenarios.

The adventure begins by having a mystery to solve (‘How can we be more successful with our talent and resources?’ for example), then an investigation to open the case up (‘What are our best tracks?’ or ‘Who can be our enemy?’ ←possible barriers, inconveniences, etc.) and, of course, a field-based magnifying glass will help (‘What type of market frames our action?’ and ‘Who are our main competitors?’) to finally put a script for the show into practice (‘Let’s develop this public-related side in order to better cope with their main needs, outplaying competitors by quicker and more accurate approach to case resolution’ ←goal-achievement 🙂

After a well-defined track of action to ‘solve the case’ (get the goal) we need to colect Knowledge (initial info), use it adapted to the Goal to reach (strategic vision), arm the best possible path of Development for Public’s joy and success (better ‘growth with pleasure’!) and finally Apply Solution to prove it right and proper.

In other words: Identification of a Need, divergent Creation of several possible alternative Solutions, and rational + Strategic (thus convergent) Choice of the best one. Easy?

Like in every adventure from the famous Franco-Belgian character pictured up there (the shadow one, I mean 🙂 the threats and dangers will be ready to block our success, although the passion for our work + the right decisions alongside the process will bring us to fruition for the benefit of our beloved Clients 😊

Knowledge forms permanent part of every successful ‘formula’ (Happiness, Growth, Achievement, Self-realization, Triumph) and to be involved in some of its sides makes us feel priviledged people, always wanting to prove useful to as many destinees as possible, in compensation.

(B.t.w., in short we’ll publish the whole ‘portfolio’ with list of fields covered from our involvement in Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Consultancy, and general Support to Success in the varied fields we work with …’Coming Soon’!)

‘Til the next one,

B (Sr)



Villefranche de Conflent (Pyrénnees Orientales) is considered the most beautiful town in the whole France, and declared World Human Heritage by UN.  Xtina and Bernardo Sr. come to confirm why.

A thousand-year-old walled city in ‘fortress’ style, counts however on another fortress (Fort Libéria) located about 50 meters up the Pyrenean slope, from where Villefranche can be protected from any unexpected attack.

Nowadays, only tourists of multiple nationalities enter through its two Majestic gates (‘Porte de France’ and ‘Porte d’Espagne’), in what can rarely be considered an attack if they behave in civic way 😊.

Difficult to highlight any spot to visit in case of you feeling tempted to enjoy this village.  The whole of it is a jewel, and makes one feel part of medieval stories that happened here and are recreated in visitors imagination.

Even though, Saint-Jacques church, a marvel built on stone inside which time seems to stop for a while, deserves a chance, as well as the bridges attached to the walls, which arches observe the crystalline waters jumping on the rocks in the middle of an idyllic green landscape with snowy mountains as a background (in winter the white dominates  the whole of the scene).

The nearby caves of ‘les Grandes Canalettes’ add magics to this village that has left us marked by beauty and with obvious desire to repeat soon…


Another chapter that deserves attention, and a chance!  Also this unique train and its itinerary are being considered by UN as probable ‘World Human Heritage’ in short, and we again agree with the selection.

Travelling 3 hours that seemed just minutes because of the permanently changing beauty of myriad of high mountain landscapes, the ‘Train Jaune’ brought both Xtina and Bernardo Sr. through parallel changes of inner emotions and sensations, from surprise to joy and satisfaction.

Reaching the highest French railway station (Bolquère-Eyne) and plenty of other spots with geographical, historical, or touristic importance, we took this trip as an added reason to want to come back 😊

‘Til the next one!

B (Sr)


It’s been unforgettable, as it happens with special moments that leave a mark in life.  In the academic one, as a professor in different fields, I usually feel ‘paternalistic’, or so, while witnessing the key instant in which my dear Students (some from them kind of ‘second sons and daughters’ after lot of time and experiences together) go walking full of pride towards their Diploma.

Undergraduate and Graduate (Master) courses have been making me work a lot alongside this ending academic year, and they exceeded by far my expectations in terms of happiness, feeling useful, and learning from every single one of our Students in the European University Business School, an institution that is consistently growing in prestige and solidness so much that I can barely compare current EU to the one of my old times there (13 years ago).

A cycle ends to many, and another begins for them, like the butterfly getting out of its caterpillar wrap.  Let’s hope they fly high and far, coloring this world with their talent, capacity and will of serving in ethics, professional way.

Xtina was enjoying as a special guest both the impeccable Ceremony (in Palau dels Congressos de Catalunya) and further cocktail in the gardens of Fairmont Hotel Juan Carlos I, where all the academic community could happily say bye-bye and hello, in a symbol of how life usually works.

Every end is a beginning.

‘Til the next one!

B (Sr)


The Occitan, Languedoc-Roussillon region in the Eastern Pyrenees offers multiple choices to whoever wanting to enjoy the sea, the mountains, or a bit of citizen culture in Perpignan (i.e.), where Xtina and Bernardo Sr. discovered plenty of places with charm and history.

From medieval spots to modern architecture, the French flavor accompanied even tasty pizza (normally so Italian) on a fantastic terrace facing the Place de Catalogne.  Still in the restoration side, Le Comptoir restaurant (Campanile Urban Hotel) recommended us a merveilleux red wine (‘153’), typical product of this region, together with variety of famous French cheese and miscelanea of delicatessen.

The Têt river, and its ‘son’ La Bassa channel add elegance and richness to the urban landscape, and the calm, pleasant rhythm of the city invites to relax while walking alongside their Boulevards, chained in a giant ring that contains some of the most remarkable points as i.e. Le Castillette, Èglise-Cathedral de Saint Jean-Baptiste, Palace des Rois de Majorque, Theatre de l’Arxipelag, etc.

Keeping for a further ‘chapter’ the unforgettable experience of the ‘Train Jaune’ (Yellow Train), one of the best itineraries in the whole France, it has been an overall exciting + constructive time to charge batteries and want to come back soon 😊

‘Til the next one!

B (Sr)


As our dear friend Diego Bonardo says: ‘the Blue of Menorca sea is out of this world’. Absolutely agree!

Some peaceful, sunny days enjoying the marvels of the island were turning our spirits lighter, ready to fly among its paradisiac ‘calas’ and smooth, silent nature of rocks, sand, endless green from the forest, unforgettable turquoise-blue from the Mediterranean sea.

If each Balearic island has ‘own personality’, Menorca’s one is quiet, kind, luminous, and healthy: true ‘lung’ of the archipelago, its uncontaminated atmosphere invites to enjoy walking, biking, riding, and plenty of other activities that will remain in the memory for long.

Xtina and Bernardo Sr. were delighted to experience the luxury attention that ‘Hotel Romantic 5 Sentidos’ offers in the touristic Ciutadella, a place where to enjoy marvelous gastronomy while taking a walk by the port (certainly one of the most beautiful ones in the whole Mediterranean sea) or the medieval down town.

From the porthole windows of the comfortable cabin in Transmediterranea iconic ‘J.J. Sister’ vessel, also the magic of a shining moon on the waves’ foam will remain evoking a lovely trip.

Definitely, we’re ready to come back!

‘Til the next one.

B (Sr)



Comunicación que Funciona’ is the new book from Bernardo Sr, available everywhere through Internet and also in every book-shop inside Spain (by now in Spanish, later on so probably also in English).

The giant making this possible is ESIC Editorial, a publishing house having been recently recognized as the most prestigious one in the fields of Communication, Marketing, and Business.  493 pages to get entertained and grow at the same time …sounds good?


How to be more successful in life and at work through our communication is what all is about throughout the 20 chapters of the book, that follows a progressive path to cover from the basement to the most subtle aspects of such an impressive thing as communication is.

Communication Professionals, Journalists, Students and Professors, Coaches, Trainers, Busioness people, Sales people, Managers + Leaders in general, and surely YOU can benefit from the easy, funny, and entertaining style of redaction to achieve your highest goals of success.

Let’s hope you like it, and begin soon to experience its benefits.  Of course, we also expect from you an instant recommendation to all of your friends and colleagues in case of enjoying …or to your enemies if it was horrible!

Keeping in touch, please tell us how the experience has been, in order to value so much your opinion and putting it into practice the next book.

Here, some link in case of wanting to keep an eye or (better) to BUY!


Best wishes of a nice, ‘literary’ life 😊

‘Til the next one!

B (Sr)



Eximia violinist Clara-Jumi Kang playing Sibelius with her magic Stradivarius, and the symphonic orchestra Camera Musihonoring Dvořák were enough for Bernardo Sr. and Xtina to enjoy a marvelous concert while feeling in the air for an unforgettable while.

Words appart for the Palau de la Mùsica Catalana, only theater declared as World Heritage by Unesco, a true piece of art that combines architecture with sculpture and many other marvels.

Bernardo Jr. was the clear responsible of the ‘crime’, having both recommended the show + given the tickets as a gift for Xtina’s birthday.  What a present!

Recommended to everyone next time these talented musicians offer such an outstanding interpretation.

‘Til the next one!

B (Sr)



La Vall de Núria is more than a marvelous place full of nature and hostelry + gastronomic offer reaching the top.  Is also an opportunity to get stunned by the huge variety of landscapes that leave visitors breathless, at every season of the year.  And silence.  Is a place where to enjoy the power of silence for finding again ourselves (far from stress and duties), and getting in deep connection to creation.

Both Xtina and Bernardo Sr. enjoyed ‘another’ vision, after the snowy one some months ago, now with the lake (full of trouts) mirroring high, eternal mountains whose leafy conifers add some more magic to the place.

‘Vall de Nuria’ Hotel was now the place chosen to re-arm Self after frequent walks among transparent rivers, variety of animals, and unforgettable places where the profuse presence of crosses, hermitages and religious symbols recall the special character of this geography, under the maternal protection of the Virgin of Núria, who reigns in the basilica, in the center of complex-building seen in the upper photo.

In the previous ‘Núria-report’ we recommended the experience to whoever wanting to enjoy winter.  Now let us extend the thing to the whole year 🙂



Xtina & Bernardo Sr. were gladly celebrating both the 1st anniversary of the new bf© phase + a so significant personal one in fantastic ‘Galaxó-Casa Fuster’ restaurant, in Barcelona.

We hope to repeat the pic for many years!

B (Sr)



The Latin term means ‘the whole, the universe…’, and for lot of newcomers to the exciting world of Journalism (photo) we know it had to feel like this: Graduation Day means ‘I can begin to eat the world and make career’ 🙂

To their families, it’s just the magical moment expected since the babies’ birth: ‘Let’s hope I’ll live until seeing them graduating in the uni’ proud parents can remember having said half a life ago.

Congrats new mass communicators (B Jr included, under the red arrow 🙂)!  From now on, ‘the Truth’ is in your hands.

‘Til the next one!

B (Sr)



Some couple of days in ‘Tarraco’ (Roman name for current Tarragona, in Catalonia) were inviting both Bernardo Sr. and Xtina to evoke those ancient times of the Imperium Iberian side.

Built at the end of the 1st century BC, the Amphitheatre still invites to imagine the numerous fights with gladiators (munera) and animals (venation) held there during a long time.

The rest of the city is enjoyable at any corner of it, well deserving a visit to immerse yourself both in the history and its architectural beauty.

Said remains …for the glory of Tarraco 🙂



Nature in winter can be magic, as we discovered with ‘the older’ side of  bf©  team (Xtina & Bernardo Sr. 🙂 ) in Vall de Nuria (Catalan Pyrenees), where a frozen lake rounded by ski slopes near a millenary sanctuary (Virgin of Nuria), and a big hotel with comercial centre, worth a nice couple of entertaining days.

To complete the amazing trip, we enjoyed also the pacific atmosphere of Queralbs (connected to Nuria by an original rack railway), resting and enjoying the gastronomy of Hostal Les Roquetes, in front of the train station precisely.

Recommended to everybody wanting to enjoy life in winter!



To begin february in healthy way, we met with the bf©  team (there are more out of the frame 🙂 ) around some roasted beef, good wine, and lot of boiling ideas on the table on how to keep on offering  the best to partners and friends during this year.